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Health & Welfare

You will not be able to come on holiday to The Purr-Fect Holiday Home unless you have an up-to-date vaccination certificate covering you against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Upper Respiratory Infections (cat 'flu) This certificate must accompany you when you come to stay.

We don't tolerate fleas or worms and are very strict about preventative treatment BEFORE coming on holiday. As part of general care, treatment should be given regularly at home and a note of date and name of products administered. Please bring details with you on arrival. We always recommend Veterinary treatments, your vet will advise and administer if required.

In the unlikely event of you not feeling well and we are concerned about you we will contact our own veterinary practice The East Neuk Veterinary Clinic in St Monans make an appointment and take you there, it is only a very short journey (10-15mins) If you would rather have your own vet treat you your owner must let us know but remember a longer journey may give you added stress and delay in treatment.
There is always a vet on 24hr call at The East Neuk Veterinary Clinic.

We are very happy to give any medication required at no extra charge providing you come with written instructions about any treatment required and enough medication to last while you are on holiday.

Yes, we can accomodate you and have experience in giving insulin injections providing you are very quiet and have no objections to us treating you. If, when you are at the cattery we have a problem, we would have to take you to the East Neuk Veterinary Clinic for daily treatment and your owners would be charged accordingly. If on any special diabetic diet this must be provided with instructions and enough for your stay.

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